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Q: How is a tied game finished?

A: In the event a regular season, playoff, or championship game ends in a tie the following rule will be applied.  The ball will be placed on the ten yard line and each team will have four downs to score.  To determine which team will have possession of the ball first, the team captains will be called to the center of the field for a coin toss.  If both teams score, and the game remains tied, then a second set of four downs will be given to each team.  If both teams score again, maintaining the tie, then a third set of four downs will be given to each team. If only one of the teams score during a set of downs, then that team will be given the win.  If at the end of the three possessions for each team the game is still tied, the game will be recorded as a tie.  If the ball is turned over, the team that recovers the ball will be given possession at the ten yard line.  Neither a fumble nor an interception may be advanced by either team.

During the overtime period, there is no mandatory number of plays for each participant.

The referees will maintain the play clock; there will be no game time. Each team will receive one additional time-out for this overtime period, plus any time-outs remaining from the 2nd half of the game may be used.  

This tie breaker rule will not be applied to cross-over games or non-league games.

Q: Why doesn't the League post the score of each game?

A: The primary focus of the AYFCL is the development of youth football players and cheerleaders. The AYFCL Executive Board has decided to not post regular season scores on the league website. Most organizations post the scores of their games on their individual websites.

Q: When are the standings updated?

A: Generally, by Monday night. each organization president is responsible for notifying the AYFCL with the results of their games. Once all game results are received the web site will be updated.  .

Q: How do I sign my child up to participate?

A: Each member organization holds registrations during the course of the year in advance of the playing season. Those registrations are usually announced to the community via flyers, advertisements in your town newspapers, and organization websites.

Q: What if I'm told the organization is full at my child's age level?

A: Some organizations will have a waiting list, as it is common for a handful of children to drop-out before practices begin.

Q: Whom should I contact if I have a concern about something happening with an AYFCL member organization?

A: You should follow your organization’s procedure.

Q: What type of football is played in the AYFCL?

A: The AYFCL follows the National Federation of High Schools rules and NYS Section V Policies.  The AYFCL also implements its own rules when necessary.

Q: What is the makeup of the AYFCL Executive Board?

A: The makeup of the AYFCL Executive Board is the AYFCL President, AYFCL Vice President(s), AYFCL Cheerleading Director, AYFCL Treasurer, AYFCL Secretary, AYFCL Webmaster, and at-large AYFCL Board Members appointed by the League president.

Q: What is the makeup of the AYFCL League Board?

A: The makeup of the AYFCL League Board is the AYFCL Executive Board and the president of each member organization.

Q: What type of operation is the AYFCL?

A: The AYFCL is a not-for-profit all volunteer run organization that operates for the purpose of promoting the sports of football and cheerleading.

Every member organization is a separate organization that is run independently by their own board of directors. 

Q: What is the typical order of the games (day or evening)

A: Typical Sunday game day schedule:

C Squad Game: Kickoff at 11:30am

A Squad Game: Kickoff at 1:30pm (approximately)

B Squad Game: Kickoff at 3:30pm (approximately)

Typical Saturday evening games:

C Squad Game:         Kickoff at 4pm

B Squad Game:         Kickoff at 6pm (approximately)

A Squad Game:         Kickoff at 8pm (approximately)

Players are expected to be at the appropriate field (home or away) one hour before game time.

Q: Game Day Weigh-In Process

A: All AYFCL players are weighed in prior to all games.

Approximate Weigh-in times:

C Squad: 45 minutes before kickoff

A Squad: Halftime of the C Squad game

B Squad: Halftime of the A Squad game

Weigh-in rules:

1. Visiting team is weighed in first.

2. The president or another designated board member from each organization perform the game day weigh-ins together.

Q: Who officiates AYFCL games?

A: The Rochester Chapter of Certified Football Officials (RCCFO).

Q: What happens if a player, coach, or spectator is ejected from a game?

A: First Offense in a season:

AYFCL and Section V rules dictate that a coach or player ejected from a game is suspended from further participation in that game.

AYFCL rules state if an ejection is reported to the League by the officiating association that the coach, player, or spectator is ALSO suspended from participating in the next scheduled game that season. 

If a player, coach, or spectator is ejected from the last normal game of the season, AND their team is headed for the championship game, the player, coach, or spectator will NOT be able to participate in the championship game.

Second Offense in a season:

If a player, coach, or spectator is ejected a second time during that season, their participation in the League is suspended for the balance of that season.